Only1 target

To turn 1 dollar into 1 million!

Nowadays one dollar still have power and it will be proved. You will see, how one dollar can reach the million in realtime. Experimental project started.

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only 5 years

to double one dollar 20 times in a row!

The Target is to challenge currency market and to turn theory into reality by using professional trading skills and patience.

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Toolsfor traders

To be always on the move!

Learn the secrets and techniques used by Intomillion, about technical and fundamental analysis. Find helpful materials to become successful trader.

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Let’s beat the market together!

Find investment and trading ideas. Read experienced traders opinions. Check for project updates and simply stay with the intomillion.

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Always pays the best interest / Benjamin Franklin

Advanced educational materials and related products, recommended by Intomillion. International shipping is provided.

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Welcome and thank you

for taking time to visit Intomillion!

Hi, Friend! My name is Gran Layson. I am an experienced currency and stock trader from Europe. If you want something to be done well, do it yourself, therefore I introduce myself as “All in One Person”. I am the Intomillion’s website administrator, developer, identity designer, idea author, producer, project manager and contact person. I am freelancer, who promote business projects and would like to promote creative solutions and fresh ideas...

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