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ForexLook Copy
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26 February 2021
IC Markets
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1000 USD
1 019.90
1 019.90
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Dear Friends! I am a Forex trader with more than 12 years experience. At some point I came to idea of copy-trading to diversify my investment portfolio. So one part of my risk capital is managed by myself and another is allocated to copy-trading systems. Since 2007 I tried a lot of different trading signal providers on MQL5, ZuluTrade, eToro etc. But all of them lost all their equity sooner or later.

In 2019 I found MT4 copy system and up till now I am amazed by their experience, customer service, and of course performance. If someone will promise you a fixed income from Forex trading then most probably it is a scam or amateurs who know nothing about Forex and volatility which might be good and bad for traders in the same time. Since 2013 ForexLook publishes their trading system performance on their website and average monthly capital gain is around 10%. It does not mean you will have a 10% return every month. You might have minus 10% as well. 10% monthly yield is the average return. But in the long run ForexLook system is definitely profitable. If you are switching between many signal providers for one trading account then probably it is not for you. It will be half-truth, if I would mention only positive things. Yes, ForexLook has shown quite big draw-down in February 2020 but next month all capital was recovered. Folks, it is trading with leverage, and taking to account COVID-19 chaos it is still fine.

May 11, 2020 I have decided to open a new trading account specifically for this project and make it public on website. I will be absolutely transparent with you. Of course with the permission of ForexLook. So far, this is definitely a service.

I would recommend this signal provider for long-term Forex copy-traders with adequate risk and profit appetite

* Closed Trade P/L plus Floating P/L divided on Balance from begin ** Daily compound rate of return leading to the total growth

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