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General Questions

The minimum deposit is 1USD and this gives the opportunity to make a deal with any tool. In InstaForex Company you may choose the 1:1000 leverage (leverage 1:1000 means that for opening a deal you should have the amount which is 1000 times less than the sum of a deal).

Also InstaForex Company has PAMM System service and allows adding trading account to monitoring on the official website. Thanks to the monitoring board you will always be able to follow the dynamics of a Managing Trader profit over a setup period of time. Also Broker offers Mobile terminal, that allows to control Trading accounts by iPhone.

Please be informed, that Intomillion is independent trader and InstaForex is the provider of technical implementation of PAMM-accounts service!

Intomillion is experimental project and launched in read-only mode. Intomillion Fund is a PAMM-account enabled to accept investments.
No, you can’t. Intomillion have opened a special PAMM-account “Intomillion Fund”, that allows to anyone, become an investor. It is enough only to have a dollar.
The minimum investment is 1 Dollar
Trading session opens on Sunday at 22:00 (GMT+00) and closes on Friday at 22:00 (GMT+00).
We will start a new account with 1 dollar.
Nowadays almost everyone has one dollar, but not every has a Million! There is a famous saying: “Think Big Start small!”
Who Doesn’t Want to Be A Millionaire?
No, I’m not a millionaire. But aspire to become one.

For Investors

Intomillion does not give a guarantee of making profit by the managing trader. Therefore, the PAMM system by InstaForex Company guarantees your funds protection, so they won’t be withdrawn by a managing trader.

PAMM-account system of InstaForex Company protects Investors from the risk of funds withdrawal by a managing trader. Trader can withdraw only his share of PAMM-account, not involved in the deals.

Moreover, the system assures that you can receive your funds form the Intomillion Fund’s account at short notice during 30-60 minutes after requesting (depending on at which moment between synchronizations a refund request is made).

If the managing trader is inactive after receiving a request during 72 hours – this amount will return to your trading account of PAMM-Investor automatically.
You can invest in the trading account of Intomillion Fund trader the Welcome bonus 30% only.
Before investing an investor sees in the monitoring the Intomillion Fund account number and also name and e-mail of a trader if he allowed to show it. Additional information displaying is possible after investing.
The loss is divided proportionate to the investor and trader shares in the account. Percentage of the profit charged by a trader for funds management is not taken into account.
In the InstaForex personal cabinet of the main menu choose “PAMM-system”, then on the opened page use the link “My Investments”.
At the monitoring table or Intomillion Fund Conditions. If the investment is already completed then also in the section “My investments” in InstaForex personal cabinet.
Rollover in InstaForex PAMM-system is an option that allows withdrawing profit not returning the investment. The option also comprises the system of profit distribution between an investor and a trader according to the yield interest of both parties.
Yes, you can withdraw your profit derived from a certain investment anytime using the Rollover button opposite (in the InstaForex personal cabinet) to the profitable investment.
You will get your profit after synchronization is over, within one hour.
Synchronization takes an hour. As soon as it is over, the specified profit is taken from the investment. During the synchronization process the profit from the investment can reduce and so the ordered Rollover amount shall be withdrawn from the investment.
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    Since the foundation of the project, we have been trying to turn one Dollar into a Million. Many dollars were lost on the way to the cherished goal. Nobody said it was going to be easy. However, we believe that everything is possible. Each time we lose a Dollar, we start again stronger with more experience and dedication. Today the project is much more than just about a Dollar. Our philosophy is openness and transparency. So apart from trading on Forex, we are creating a variety of useful Tools, sharing our developments, ideas, and experiences with our followers. We are true fans of financial markets and looking forward making trading more understandable and showing that profitable trading is possible.

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