Investment offer and conditions

Intomillion Fund allows to anyone, become an investor. It is enough only to have a dollar. PAMM-accounts system is an infallible method to invest your funds in deals of Intomillion without any limitations on minimal or maximal amount of investment: every investment from 1 to hundreds of thousands dollars are made online. PAMM Account yields often exceed bank interest rates many times over, see it in Intomillion performance. Begin investing in a matter of minutes.

Each investor gets the following opportunities:

  • Anytime investment withdraw.
  • Balance view of trading account. Balance view includes information about the current profit.
  • Statistics view of trading account. Statistics view includes information about quantity and volume of investments made by other investors in this account.
  • Funds protection guarantees against the withdrawals made by Managing Trader.

Investment Plans

1 2 3 4 5
minimal investment sum $1 $100 $1 000 $10 000 $100 000
minimal investment timeframe 90 days 60 days 30 days 15 days 15 days
prepayment penalty ** 5% 4% 3% 2% 2%
projected annual yield *** 130% 130% 130% 130% 130%
trader’s commission **** 50% 40% 35% 30% 30%
investor password ***** NO NO NO NO YES

  1. Your investment and profit returned automatically, when the profit reaches 100%. (Example: you invest 1$, when you have 2$ on your account – money returns automatically. Reinvest into PAMM to continue.)
  2. You must be informed, that Past performance does not guarantee future returns. PAMM-account system of InstaForex Company protects Investors from the risk of funds withdrawal by a PAMM-trader. PAMM-trader can withdraw only his share of PAMM-account, not involved in the deals.

* Intomillion is independent PAMM manager. InstaForex is the provider of technical implementation of PAMM-accounts service
** Prepayment penalty of the investment sum – This is the penalty size paid by a PAMM-Investor in case of a pre-term withdrawal of his investment. This penalty is paid when a PAMM-Investor orders an investment return before the end of the minimal investment term specified by you and valid for the moment of making investment by a PAMM-Investor to your account
*** Past performance does not guarantee future returns
**** Trader’s percent on profitable investment (unpaid in case of loss)
***** Used to log in to the account to view the trade dealings, but would not enable to conduct the trades or modify them. Investor password is used to show the detailed trading performances to the investor.


trader’s commission calculation

You have decided to invest $1 000 into Intomillion Fund PAMM. You pay a 35% (from investment Plan) success commission based on net profits generated by the trades of Trade project trade manager. This means that Trade Manager success is tied to your success. The success commission is 35% of realized gains based on achieving the Higher than $ 1 000, otherwise known as the highest historical value of your investment into PAMM. So if the trades of PAMM Manager generates $200 of profits in his account, you would pay 35% of the $200 for Trade Manager trades.

If a PAMM Manager does not trade or loses money for you in a given month, you do not pay the Success commission. In addition, if a PAMM Manager loses money for you in a month, and makes money for you in a later month, you will pay the Success commission only on the profits above your investment.

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    Since the foundation of the project, we have been trying to turn one Dollar into a Million. Many dollars were lost on the way to the cherished goal. Nobody said it was going to be easy. However, we believe that everything is possible. Each time we lose a Dollar, we start again stronger with more experience and dedication. Today the project is much more than just about a Dollar. Our philosophy is openness and transparency. So apart from trading on Forex, we are creating a variety of useful Tools, sharing our developments, ideas, and experiences with our followers. We are true fans of financial markets and looking forward making trading more understandable and showing that profitable trading is possible.

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