10 Ideas to Turn your dollar into Million

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I was wondering, how to start development from 1 dollar. Everyone knows how to spend the dollar, but the question is how to increase it. And this question is much interesting. Let me introduce you to 9 alternative ideas on how to make a successful (I hope) start using 1 dollar.

  1. Intomillion

    You should know by now, that the 1st idea is Intomillion!

  2. Online Poker

    Today there are plenty resources to play poker online. Most of them ask for minimum deposit of 10 dollars, but if you try hard enough you can find entering a deposit of 1 dollar (excluding paying systems’ fees). Now all depends on you. Let me show the basic idea by using PokerStars.com as an example. Imagine, you already got your first dollar. Next thing you have to define your risk management – my advise to choose Sit-and-Go type online tournaments with 0,25 $ Buy-In. Prize money depend on the number of players. It’s 45 or 90 in this case. What to do next is up to you… Make your action plan and start – you’ll get 4 tries to play the tournament (4*0,25 $). Attention: you ought to be good at poker!

  3. Lottery Ticket

    Neck or nothing. To be honest, you don’t get much tries. You can define the risk yourself taking into account main prize. If you feel lucky enough – you should try!

  4. Sport betting

    Today it’s possible to make small bids online in modern sports betting. My advise would be to choose games with guaranteed results – winning of loosing (without draw). A possibility of draw will increase your risk. Please remember: if rates are high the chance of your bet wins is low.

  5. Casino

    It’s old school, you can go offline and choose any gambling house in your location. Try to double your dollar by playing black-red on roulette. You can risk and put on one number in roulette or just play slot-machine in hope to get Jack Pot. Maybe it will be your lucky day! Attention: Do not play in online casino!

  6. Become a creditor

    Lend the dollar to one, who’s in need, but ask 2 $ in return. If you keep repeating this operation you’ll grow your dollar to a particular amount of money. For example – now you have 50 or 100 $ and you get much more perspectives in lottery, betting or poker. Your chance of winning depends on a number of attempts.

  7. Classic Buy and Sell

    You need to find goods with the price value under 1 dollar. Essential – to sell goods more expensive. Look around, ideas can be right under your nose! Check amazon, ebay or your local classified ads. Best startup products are multi-valued, for example, postage stamps, coin or banknote of foreign country, bottle labels, old brochure or vinyl disk… All depends on you! Simply sliced apple can be a great startup. The main idea is to keep on going.

  8. Winning in argument

    Do you like to argue? If you do, try to argue with someone about anything from who’s team wins to when or where some event took place. Important to be sure you’re right and you know correct answer.

  9. Handmade

    In case you’re creative, try to make something yourself. Keep in mind the production should be cheap. For example, pencil drawing, clip art, collage or re-wrapped chocolate. Essential to make something original and be able to sell it afterwards.

  10. Find a partner

    Co-operate with someone who has a dollar or even more. Remember – when you co-operate you increase not only your investments, but also your ideas. A problem shared is a problem halved.

You can combine the ideas, rotate or replace with your owns. One dollar has symbolic value in this text. No matter what you do, love your dollar and remember, it’s easier to make 3-4 dollars from 2 instead of 1. Do not lose your mind and protect your investments. Don’t give up!


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