35 unconventional methods how to deal with money

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You just can’t get the reason why all the money you worked so hard to earn keep running away? You can’t save your money and every time you’re trying to accumulate them, there is urgent need to spend everything? Why things happen this way and how to handle money correctly? Is there a fast way not only to save money, but also to increase the amount?

Money – means energy. Remember: the way you treat your money, the same way money treat you. Today we’re going to review 35 unconventional methods how to deal with money. No matter how odd it sounds, I can assure you, it works!

  1. Treat money with respect. Get yourself a nice serious wallet. Money won’t stay in old small wallet, except the change maybe.
  2. It is considered that red wallet (or with red color element) brings good fortune and attracts money.
  3. While shopping never shove money at the wallet carelessly. Banknotes should lie neatly in a strict order: large bills should not be mixed with small ones. First of all, banknotes should be placed full-length – it’s important! Please note, money’s energy is not fond of neglect.
  4. It is believed that bills like the smell of mint. Therefore, keep a bag of mint tea or just mint leaf in your wallet. Other variants: Chinese coin or money attracting talisman. It’s important to believe yourself, otherwise no talisman would work.
  5. Empty wallet itself represents a bad omen. A must: keep a coin inside. Banknotes should be placed face and put triangular folded 1dollar bill in one of the wallet sections.
  6. Follow the rule: keep 1 US dollar bill in one of your wallet sections. The reason for doing this is money attracting symbol of the reverse side of the banknote – all-seeing eye on the Egyptians pyramid.
  7. Do not put any unnecessary thing in the wallet. Get rid of photos, old receipts, labels, tickets. Make exceptions only for plastic cards in isolated section.
  8. Do not save money for “rainy day” nor for relatives. It’s okay to make savings for particular purchase, but at soon as you get required amount of money – make the purchase.
  9. To attract good luck, ask for money from a rich man and keep them unchangeable. It can be any amount of money, preferably in rich country’s currency.
  10. Do not tell anybody how much you earn. Of course, just keeping silent is not a good way to keep the conversation. Just don’t tell exact amount of money you get and try to answer questions in general words.
  11. Do not spend every last penny.
  12. Do not be afraid of wealth.
  13. Do not get mad about money. Remember, money hate poor and miser people, who recount and resort them everyday. You should behave like a rich man – spend money easily, use them cynically and do not over think your purchases. Still, remember never spend the last penny.
  14. Give money to charity. Remember, what we give to poor, sick people and children will get repaid with interest.
  15. Stay away from the freebie. There is nothing wrong with having a free beer, going to cinema on the expense of others or having a free ride. But keep in mind, it’s all signs of greed, which is destructing money energy’s flows.
  16. Do not forget to thank the universe, God, angel-savior every time you get salary, money from debt, or money as a present.
  17. Always take money with your left hand and give back with right.
  18. Do not take money directly from someone’s hands. Take money from table, for example.
  19. Always recount money with clean hands in the morning. If you do it in the evening – money will leave you.
  20. It is important to get and give money with pleasure. In other words, if you buy something do it with pleasure and do not over think. If you buy something new and feel bad about the price, the thing will not go for good in future.
  21. Once you get money, put aside some sum (depending on the amount received) in a red nice box. Yes, it has to be red! Bright colors attract money like magnets.
  22. There is a belief, that you can not spend a penny earned on the day of salary. The whole sum of money should be brought home and kept there for the night. Otherwise, money will not like your home. Only on the 2nd day, you can start spending this money, but only small amount. Usually, most of the ridiculous purchases are made on first few days after salary. This is not right!
  23. Some wisdom men advise to keep untouched one big bill for the whole year. They say, the bill will be charged by your energy and begin attract money.
  24. Do not whistle indoors. The proverb says: “be careful not to whistle all your money away”.
  25. Keep your kitchen and hall tidy. Money will not come in a dirty place.
  26. Another bad omen: to swipe crumbs off your table by hand.
  27. We got signs up to a broom. To attract nice crunchy banknotes, you need to put the broom hand down.
  28. If you want to ask your boss for a salary addition do not rush with your arguments till Wednesday.
  29. Do not borrow money on Mondays, do not lend on Tuesdays and do not repay debts on Fridays. All money deals (including lending and borrowing) should be done in the mornings. As all money activities done in the evenings may lead to ruin.
  30. Try to lend money more often. It is believed, that by this activity you program money to return to you.
  31. When you put your clothes to a wardrobe till the next season, don’t forget to leave some small bill in a pockets. Please assure there are no holes in pockets and no torn off buttons – money don’t like these things.
  32. If money comes easily and accidentally in your life – like winning in casino or found on the streets – get rid of these money! Donate to charity or spend them as soon as possible. These money would bring nothing good into your life.
  33. Set yourself ambitious goals. Do not think about the money, think of getting to your aim! Money is only a mean – power that will help to make your dreams come true!
  34. Do what you love, love what you do! Money will come to that place.
  35. Do not choose money saving as your goal. Remember, money alone may not be the goal, just a mean to get to your goal. If you still want to accumulate a lot of money, know what for you need them.

All these rules, signs and omens are very simple. However, these rules are essential weapon in the wealth struggle! As long as you have in your mind thoughts like “big money for rich only” and “you can not make lot of money, all rich men are thieves” your financial problems will not end. You will not get your salary up either. Think while you are working. Try to get rid of negativity. And do not make the cult out of money!


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