One dollar villa story

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FOR SALE: 3 Storey Villa with swimming pool and garden on the seaside. PRICE: $1.

“Nonsense”, – a tramp though and threw away the newspaper. Next day, walking down backyards in search of food, he saw big announcement on the wall:

FOR SALE: 3 Storey Villa with swimming pool and garden on the seaside. PRICE: $1.

“Must be a mistake”, – the tramp thought and walked away. A day after, the tramp saw a huge banner on the main street saying:

FOR SALE: 3 Storey Villa with swimming pool and garden on the seaside. PRICE: $1.

The tramp wondered what kind of crazy man could possibly write this down. So, he decided to find it out. The tramp got nothing to loose except the last dollar in his pocket. He came to the address and saw the villa. He ranged the doorbell timidly and a beautiful woman opened the door.

– Excuse me! I saw the advertisement – is it a joke?
– No, it’s not! You came to right address.
– What about the price – one dollar, right?
– Yes, that’s right. If you’re interested, you can see the villa now.

Of course, the tramped loved the villa and by giving away his dollar became the new owner. However, he wanted to know the reason why the price was so little. The woman smiled and answered “My husband’s last will was to sell our villa and give all the money to his mistress. That’s what I’ve just done! The advertisement about the sale was half of year on, but you’re the only one who came.”
Farewell. And the woman has gone.

Everyone of us is given a chance! You just need to BELIEVE – that everything is possible.

I’ve found this story in social net by chance and it caught my eye. Unfortunately, the author is unknown.


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