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Good what ever time of the day you have! It’s been a while since my last post and I’ve longed for blogging. Remember my last post “7 Biggest trading losses ever“? I took the topic for a reason – to walk you guys slowly to the bad news. Now I feel like a scholar who has to report in front of the class, post factum. If you follow the project Intomillion, you must know by that the Fund is dead as well as hopes and expectations.

Intomillion Fund

People say – Investors have short memories. Yes it’s true. Taking into account it’s not my first crash and market still goes on – new picture on the charts, Bernanke’s speech, new deals. I’m sorry that couldn’t complete your expectations. If you are still interested, you can see the stats below and link to Detailed statement. Now updated with RIP account status. Don’t judge too harsh.

Founded: 10 Arp, 2013
Stop deposit: 8 Jul, 2013
Total investments: 87.00 USD
Highest equity: 113.20 USD
Number of investors: 4
Rebates earned: 56.30 USD
Total number of trades: 208
Total volume of trades: 3.71 LOTS
Total volume of trades: 370 900 USD
Major currencies: USD, JPY, EUR, GBP
For the Fund project’s time, it is almost 3 month Detailed statement


Trouble never comes alone. On the 2nd of July my Intomillion run out (for the 3th time and 2rd on Version 2.0). Emotions were hight after Intomillion Fund failure. As I was saying many times rule #3 – Master your emotions first, then you will master your trading – is very hard to follow. There were not much interesting moments to tell about on this Intomillion. Among previous versions – it’s the most dull on happenings one. The money haven’t gone higher then 2$, trading strategy was very conservative – 1-2 traders per week. At the end – 12 deals per a little bit more then month and stop deposit. If you still curious – please see the Detailed statement, but there is not much interesting though.

New Intomillion

Concerning new Intomillion. I’ve made a decision to take a little break. I’m going to use my vacation to recharge batteries. Furthermore, there is see very little business on the market currently. I don’t expect volatility rise until September. At the 1st month of autumn, looking forward Central Bank Releases – FOMC, ECB, BOE. September itself is promising more events to come, so I suppose the volatility will be reached.


Want to know why I am writing this post after all most 3 weeks, while every day on market has it’s own story? The answer is Notice from Hosting provider with followed temporary web site block. The reason for blocking was:

The was found to be consuming an inordinate amount of processor time, to the point of degrading overall system performance. A lot of site requests and high CPU usage

Talking in other words, the script with signals (on the trading signals page) uses a lot of high operation resources and increased visitors traffic has increased pressure on the server.

That was the last drop for me. Everything happened simultaneously! For two full days from 9-11 of July, the website was out of order. The site was re-lounged after negotiations with a Hosting provider, but without signal page operating. It was unpleasant decision to make, but I had to. It took me all most a week to find better solutions for IT and solve hosting problems. And I consider making the right choice. Now, I moved the project to another server, it’s faster, stronger more secure and still with free signals! Hurray!

To sum up

I decided to take some time off and do not hurry with new Intomillion Fund. At the mean time pushing myself towards the blog and site development. I have a lot of brand new ideas, that should come to life very soon. Trading – who is not making mistakes? The one who does nothing. It’s always better to loose on the Dollar then to breakdown on the million! Overall, I feel the dark forces leaving me and black stripe should be over. Thanks, everyone who supported me and believed in me, into the project and Intomillion.


About Author

Hi, Friend! My name is Gran Layson. I am an experienced currency and stock trader from Europe. If you want something to be done well, do it yourself, therefore often I feel myself as “Swiss Army Knife Man”. I am the Intomillion’s website administrator, developer ... read more

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